Scolare is an official 501(c)(3) non-profit that provides one on one tutoring to under-resourced or struggling students in upstate South Carolina. We enable students to excel in school and reach their goals to ultimately empower other underserved communities.

What we do

We connect high school tutors that excel in various subjects to underserved and struggling students in upstate South Carolina to enable them to reach their goals and excel in school through one on one tutoring.

Partner with Schools

Scolare partners with various nearby schools, ranging from elementary to high, where we can help as many students as possible. We then setup or use existing tutoring systems at these schools for in-person afterschool and online tutoring.

Going Directly to Families

Scolare also goes directly to families and under-resourced or struggling students. By doing this, Scolare is able to help more students achieve success and excel in school than by only partnering with schools. Our goal is to leave no students behind and reaching these families and students is key to their success.


Our tutors are mostly high school students who excel in school and are prepared to teach various advanced lessons to other students. Our tutors are volunteers who provide one on one tutoring to students that they are assigned to - either online or in person at schools.

The Tutoring

Our online tutoring takes place over an online free teaching software known as BigBlueButton, where our tutors can present their screens and explain concepts, answer questions, and provide feedback, all in real time. Our in-person tutoring takes place afterschool, where each chapter's tutors teach at their own school to their own classmates.

Teach, become a tutor.

Our tutors fill out the application below and we notify them once they have been accepted within a week. Then, our tutors are paired with a student that they can help best. They then meet their student over a call at a setup time and help them learn, develop skills, and achieve goals!

Learn, become a student.

Students first fill out the enrollment form below which gives Scolare insight into who they are and what they need help in. Within a week, they get to meet their tutor over email, and a time is setup to meet and be tutored. At this agreed time, the student can start learning online and ask question and recieve feedback in real time through a call.

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